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Pink Gradient

Hi, I'm Memuna!

A UX Researcher and Designer

currently pursuing my Master of Science in Information degree at the University of Michigan

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My work varies in diversity from lifestyle and consumer psychology to learning software. As a Computer Science graduate, I work to apply both my technical and design skill set to create meaningful and extensible user experiences for a broad range of audiences.

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GroupDo is a collaborative mobile-based task tracker that helps you track group chores and keep a log of each person’s contribution.



EthnoPierce is a first-of-its-kind, 3-month ethnographic and immersive study to understand the consumption habits and motivations shaping Pakistan’s body piercing subculture.

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Dost is a gamified mobile app for underprivileged children that provides scaffolding for creating and modifying rules for physical play as a means to enhance Computational Thinking skills.

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